Sunday, April 15, 2007

CBS 2002 Batch Video

Something which will take you back in time, this video was especially made for the bbs batch of 2002... enjoy!

Story behind the video:

The video took me 2 months to compile, I can't forget to thank all those who helped me gather all the pictures & insights into the live's of the CBS'ites I was a part of.

The video was originally published in June 2002 - right after the batch graduated and moved on to their new destinations.

CBS is still cherished as the most beautiful place we all have been thru - or I just made it look like a dream we all lived together :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jeevan Gyan... first post is dedicated to all my juniors. Hope all are doing good. Well, dont think I am taking you through some GYAN session...coz I dont think I am that capable..but just wanted to share some of my personal eperiences with you all. For what? Nothing new...the same old story on why you shouldnt worry much...
You can never be free of worries. It started (for me) from class 5 (as I don't recollect how i felt before that time period). I had to score the highest in class. And so I was crazy about marks. This continued till class 12. But the aim in class 12 was to get admission in a good college (i.e., north campus, DU). They said once you get into a good college, you are done. I got into a reputed college (not north campus but yes...DU). Again worked hard for marks (though couldn't get them) but then went on to struggle hard for placement (as I couldn't clear CAT). When I got a job finally, thought will work for atleast 2 yrs before my second attempt for CAT. Though had great fun at work but it could not keep me happy for long. Felt the job was not apt for me and my skills got wasted. Got another job but at the same time good luck made me get a good %ile in CAT too. Didn't go for the other job and decided to convert the calls from B-schools. Joined coaching classes and got under tremendous pressure. What a sigh a relief I took when I came to know that I was selected by one B-school. It seemed nothing can cause worries now. But visited me again as soon as i entered the B-school life. Teething problems, then Summer training exercise(a struggle similar to the one I faced after graduation), and now grades (back to square one...marks)!
Hmm...amazing isn't it?? The thing which you hate the most and try to run away from always keeps coming back to you...So, the only way out is to stop getting afraid of it!
I know, implementation is as difficult as it is easy to say...but doing nothing about it would lead you nowhere....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007