Friday, December 29, 2006

Wanna be an author here!!!??

This blog is open to all CBSites. SO if u wanna be an author on this blog to put up posts,
give ur Email ID in comments here. I will add u as my author.

Dhanyawaad a lot!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here Comes CBS Blog... Whooppie.....

Hey CBSites...
Here I am, This is me... the first ever unofficial blog of ur gud ol' college
College of Business Studies
Write on me, Express urself, open out, scream aloud, whisper, do whatever!! u wish. I am about ur CBS memories, ur first day, ur freshers' day, ur aspirations, ur dreams - seen n achieved, ur failures, ur frenz, ur teachers, when u got placement from CBS, ur last day, just everything.

I was thinking when so many others r using me to unofficially express themselves, why cant CBS. CBSites are worth the world. Just need to move ahead n grab it.

Publicise this blog on ur blogs n see the speed with which i get popularity. I am open to all CBSites.

I am waiting... to be spilled with e-ink by u.

put ur email ID in comments here, if any CBSite wants to be added to the author/member list.